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Sonic the Hedgehog - Hero pack

[h1][b]Type of addon: Ragdolls and props[/b][/h1] [h1][u][url=https://pastebin.com/9TwvrsBu]Links for Source Filmmaker versions[/url][/u][/h1] (Extract to your Steam's [i]SteamApps/common/SourceFilmmaker/game/usermod/[/i] folder) [b]USE THE FACEPOSER TO OPEN THE EYES.[/b] Sonic Generations models, [i]not playermodels[/i], [b]not NPCS[/b], but models, so don't ask if they're anything else. [h1]Source:[/h1] [list] [*]Sonic Generations [*]Sonic Unleashed [*]Sonic Colors [*]Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 [/list] [h1]Contents:[/h1] [*]Sonic (Modern) (has eye/finger/faceposing, alternate skins) [*]Sonic (Classic) (has eye/finger/faceposing, alternate skins) [*]Sonic (Modern/Classic) ball (has a set of flexes to control the skew, alternate skins) [*]Sonic wisp transformations [*]Sonic the Werehog [*]Super/Hyper/Dark Sonic (Modern) (has eye/finger/faceposing, alternate skins) [*]Super/Hyper Sonic (Classic) (has eye/finger/faceposing, alternate skins) [*]Tails/Super Tails (Modern) (has eye/finger/faceposing, alternate skins) [*]Tails' tails (Modern) (has alternate skins, use with Sonic (Modern) ball's second skin) [*]Tails' PDA (Generations/Unleashed) [*]Tails/Super Tails (Classic) (has eye/finger/faceposing, alternate skins) [*]Tails' tails (Classic) (has alternate skins, use with Sonic (Classic) ball's second skin) [*]Knuckles/Super Knuckles (Modern) (has eye/finger/faceposing, alternate skins) [*]Knuckles/Super Knuckles (Classic) (has eye/finger/faceposing, alternate skins) [*]Amy Rose (has eye/finger/faceposing, and an alternate skin) - [b]RESCUED[/b] [*]Cream the Rabbit has eye/finger/faceposing) - [b]RESCUED[/b] [*]Big the Cat (has eye/fingerposing, but very minimal faceposing) - [b]RESCUED[/b] [*]Espio (has eye/finger/faceposing) - [b]RESCUED[/b] [*]Charmy (has eye/finger/faceposing) - [b]RESCUED[/b] [*]Vector (has eye/finger/faceposing) - [b]RESCUED[/b] [*]Silver/Super Silver (has eye/finger/faceposing, and an alternate skin for Super Silver courtesy of Nibroc.Rock) [*]Blaze/Burning Blaze (has eye/finger/faceposing, and an alternate skin for Burning Blaze courtesy of Hyperchaotix) - [b]RESCUED[/b] [*]Chip (has eye/finger/faceposing) - [b]RESCUED[/b] [NOTE: YOU *HAVE* TO USE THE ADVANCED BONE TOOL TO POSE HIS LEFT FINGERS DUE TO A BUG WITH THE FINGER POSER TOOL!] [*]Chao / Cheese (has eyeposing, bodygroups and alternate skins) - [b]RESCUED[/b] [*]''Mighty'' - [b]RESCUED[/b] [*]Sonic (Classic)'s skateboard [*]Sonic (Modern)'s board [*]Tornado [*]Tornado 3 [*]Tornado 3-X [*]Tails' Rocket [*]Amy's Hammer (Generations / SatBK) - [b]RESCUED[/b] [*]Chip's Ring - [b]RESCUED[/b] [*]Espio's Kunai and Ninja Star - [b]RESCUED[/b] [*]Vector's Gum Bubble (has faceposing to change size) - [b]RESCUED[/b] [/list] [h1]Recommended:[/h1] [url=http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=106281995][b]Sonic the Hedgehog addon collection[/b][/url] [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104604943]Easy Bodygroup Tool[/url] (Switch between alternate skins with this.) [h1]Thanks:[/h1] Sonic Heroes promotional image made by [url=http://illu-mint.deviantart.com/]Illu-mint[/url] Thanks to RandomTBush for Amy, Cream, Big, Espio, Charmy, Vector, "Mighty", Blaze, Chip and the Chao. Special thanks to chrrox, Link, ItsEasyActually and Kentilan for the original model-porting script. Special thanks to Hyperchaotix for the Hyper Sonic (both), Dark Sonic, Super Tails (Modern), Super Knuckles (both) and Burning Blaze skins. Thanks to Dengoan and Hyperchaotix for their respective promotional images. And thanks to Nibroc.Rock for the Super Silver skin. [h1]Disclaimer:[/h1] Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, etc. are ©Sega, and are used without permission.