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[h1]Autarky[/h1] Are you sick of waiting for the trader that never comes? Or didn't he have any Neutroamine and now you're stuck with herbal medicine? Couldn't get any Luciferium for your bionically improved brawler? This mod makes Boomalopes and Boomrats more than just walking bombs and nuisances. They produce volatile chemicals that can be used to synthesize Neutroamine. Through extensive research you can find a way to create mechanites. With them you will finally be able to create Luciferium and glitterworld medicine. You will have to build quite a production line to get your hands on the devil's bargain, though. Is your tribe getting tormented by pirates or other tribes? Send them your strongest or most expendable warriors (your choice, really) and infuse them with demonic power. They'll fight like they've never fought before. Don't expect them to return, though. [h1]Caution[/h1] Volatile chemicals should be treated carefully. Leaving them unroofed for too long will corrode the canisters and the mixture might self-ignite. When stored at too high temperatures the reactive cocktail may build up pressure or eat through the canister and self-ignite. Be wary of heat-waves. [h1]Getting started[/h1] To get on your own feet just tame yourself some boomrats and/or boomalopes. Your handler can milk them for the cocktail of chemicals that makes them explode when they die. So be careful with that stuff. At the drug lab you can synthesise neutroamine from volatile chemicals. Everything else should become clear with the research projects the mod adds. [h1]Facts[/h1] [b][u]Additions:[/u][/b] [list] [*] Devil's Dust [*] Volatile Chemicals [*] Mechanites [*] Mechanites Workstation [/list] [b][u]Research:[/u][/b] [list] [*] Devil's Dust extraction [*] Mechanites Workstation [*] Glitterworld medicien production [*] Luciferium production [*] Ambrosia [*] Flatscreen TV [*] Megascreen TV [*] Telescope [/list] [b][u]Recipes:[/u][/b] [list] [*] 5 devilstrand + 2 volatile chemicals = 1 devil's dust [*] 20 volatile chemicals = 1 neutroamine [*] 5 plasteel + 25 silver + 2 components = 20 mechanites [*] 1 devil's dust + 1 wakeup + 1 flake + 1 yayo + 1 gojuice + 1 penoxycyline + 1 medicine + 5 mechanites = 1 luciferium [*] 2 medicine + 5 mechanites = 1 glitterworld medicine [*] 100 steel + 10 components = 1 flatscreen TV [*] 120 steel + 12 components = 1 megascreen TV [*] 80 steel + 10 components = 1 telescope [/list] [b][u]Modifications:[/u][/b] [list] [*] Tame, adult boomalopes produce 100 units of volatile chemicals in 5 days [*] Tame, adult boomrats produce 10 units of volatile chemicals per day[/list] [b][u]Incompatibilities:[/u][/b] [list] [*]Combat Extended [/list] If you think this is too much or not immersive enough take a look at [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=765351437]Chemicals & Neutroamine[/url]. [url=https://gitlab.com/Chais/Autarky-Rimworld]Gitlab[/url] [url=https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=34525.0]RimWorld Forum[/url]