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[h1]RuntimeGC In-Game Cleaner[/h1] for 1.0 (build 2059/2096) This mod supports the following languages : English,繁簡中文,日本語,German,Spanish. This mod is also published on Ludeon Forum. Click [url=https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=46581.msg442647]Here[/url] for previous releases and licenses. Click [url=https://github.com/user19990313/RimWorld-RuntimeGC]Here[/url] for GitHub repo. [url=https://www.buymeacoffee.com/r4zlHK2qC]Buy a coffee for RuntimeGC![/url] [b][i]What's new in this release:[/i][/b] +(New) A dynamic Memory Monitor - Fully costomizable! +(New) 3 new Auto-cleanup items! +(New) Show Debug Log without enabling Dev Mode! +(New) Remove snow! +(New) Useful hacks - close all letters, unlock speed limit, etc. +(New) RuntimeGC now has a mod setting page! +(New) Integrated MuteGC and MuteCL mods! +All cleaning tools are always available - and dev mode grants you more tester-oriented OP cleanings! SUMMARY : [b]Creating a new game is [u][i]NOT[/i][/u] required![/b] If you find the mod useful,why don't you click "Thumbs Up"? :) Thanks! How could you salvage your over-sized savegame? How could you make your game running smoothly as it used to be? Well,you're lucky because you're using this mod! [h1]You can:[/h1] -[u]Remove unnecessary World Pawns[/u] to alleviate burden of GameSystem -[u]Clear AvoidGrids[/u] to reduce the size of your savegame -Remove useless members(dead or of other factions) in an animal family -[u]Remove filth [b]and snow[/b] in HomeArea[/u] -[u]Remove corpses in current map[/u] -Remove BattleLog entries -Fix some faction relationships error(Those caused by mod conflicts are not included!) -[u]Re-generate faction leaders to fix some CommTable issues.[/u] -[u]Reclaim Memory[/u] used by GameSystem to boost up game performance [h1]Usage:[/h1] 1.Activate this mod(after Core mod) 2.Load your savegame 3.[u]Find a tab called "RuntimeGC" at the bottom of your screen[/u] 4.Click,and do some cleaning with the GUI Enjoy! [h1]PS[/h1] PS. The longer you played(year-in-game),the more effective this cleaning will be. PS2. Sometimes errors occur like "Tried to remove xxx from RimWorld.WorldPawns,but it's not here."They're unavoidable as I should thouroughly de-register every pawn(to avoid further bugs).But,[b]they're harmless,so just ignore them.[/b] PS3. Post any errors or bugs here or on my forum page.Your effort contributes to a better mod.Thanks! PS4. You know, [spoiler]Too expensive to buy[/spoiler] [h1]Other[/h1] [i]Compatibility:[/i] No known mod conflict yet. [i]Installation:[/i] Add this mod any time you like. Remove this mod any time you like. You don't have to create a new game. [h1]You should obey the clauses mentioned in the forum thread when adding this mod into your modpack.[/h1] [h1]If you want to translate this mod into other languages, please check GitHub link above for details.[/h1] Special Thanks to A16 testers: [Check About.xml for their codes] Thanks for your splendid work in Close-Alpha tests!