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[1.4]Long Range Transport Pods

Ahoy! [b]Updated to 1.4![/b] [i]Enjoy! And, uh, I'm gonna just leave this intro here cuz tbh... it's gold to me :)[/i] Salutations, good buddy. Gotta pitch for ya. So you've established your colony. Everthing's lookin lean n mean on your corner of the rimworld, so lean and so mean, in fact, that you've shifted your focus from survival to exploration. But alas, your wise and forward-thinking self made the executive decision to settle on an island. So caravans are out of the question. What's the next-best thing? Transport pods, yeah. Oh, but look at that. Your island is juuuust far enough from the coast of any sizeable landmass worth exploring. Bummer. A sticky situation you've found yourself in, I'd say. Well, I may have just the thing for that. [b]This mod changes the maximum range on transport pods from the vanilla 66 tiles to 244 (almost pole to pole). Hazaah![/b] Note: Fuel requirement is proportional to maximum range for the pods, so by increasing the max distance from the launch tile, the fuel needed to complete the trip increases along with it. Note-ier Note: This mod is chill around existing saves and other mods (place wherever in mod order), so no sweat there. Enjoy! The Note-iest of Notes: This most likely has already been done, but in the extremely unlikely event that it hasn't, here you are :D