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Stunner Stick

Y'know those super late, 4am "cant-go-to-sleep-so-I'll-hit-the-ol'-modding-trail" kinda mods? ...yeeeaaaa this is one of those. [h1]Intro[/h1] Ahoy there, you caravan enthusiasts! By setting out beyond the comfort of rows and rows of improvised turrets defending you against the scum and villainy of the rim, you place yourself in a very exciting yet risky situation! Bandits patrol the ancient roadways surrounding your colony, making the completion of an incident-free trade run nearly impossible. Left with only your weapons and the surroundings you are placed in, fighting these enemies requires a little more strategy than other traditional methods of combat. Now, you may be asking what kind of strategy we're talking about here. We're talking about the best kind. The only kind really. Mercilessly beating your enemies over the head with a stick. Introducing the [b]Stunner Stick![/b] [h1]Changes[/h1] - Adds the [i]awe-inspiring, beautifully designed, magnificantly hand-crafted stick[/i] to the game! - The stick (melee weapon) can continuously stun enemies, giving the rest of your colonists time to capture/kill their target. Think of all those potential recruits! And hats! [h1]Finding a stick[/h1] A stick of this majesty and grace cannot simply be found on the ground in the woods, nor can it be crafted. One must pay good silver to get their hands on this baby (from a combat supplier). [h1]Known Issues[/h1] Sometimes after stunning an enemy for more than 20 seconds at a time, an "[name] started 10 jobs in one tick" exception gets thrown. Nothing wrong with it, it's just a lil annoying when you're in dev mode. Should stop after the pawn in question goes to sleep. Note: This "weapon" does NOT deal physical damage, it only stuns. Note 2.0: As far as testing has permitted, it's existing-save-friendly and compatible with everything mod-like in nature