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Misc. Robots++

[h1]VetearnXT have abadoned this mod[/h1] [h1]Updated for game version 1.4[/h1] By VeteranXT [h1][b]R++[/b][/h1] Robots? Y u no Robots++ also!? More Robots!!! More Better!!! Contains multi-talented robots to serve your colony. It also adds a research tab, materials, and a new Robotics workbench for crafting the [i]Misc. Robots[/i] and Robots++ objects. R++ was made using the "Misc. Robots Xtension" provided by Haplo. Big shout-out to Haplo for the awesome misc mods, eh! [h1][b]Robots++ Contains The Following Bots[/b][/h1] [i]These bots combine multiple abilities to perform common colony tasks[/i] [list] [*][b][u]Kitchen Bot[/u][/b] A unit capable of cooking, as well as sowing and cutting plants. A useful robot both in the kitchen, and on the farm. [*][b][u]Crafter Bot[/u][/b] A unit capable of smithing, tailoring, and crafting. The perfect slaves for an automated assembly line! [*][b][u]Builder Bot[/u][/b] A Builder unit capable of constructing, deconstructing, repairing, and mining. It will also cut plants that are in the way, but may not be used for farming. [*][b][u]ER Bot[/u][/b] An Emergency Response unit capable of treating patients and fighting fires. Don't be scared of the needle; it wont hurt (much). [*][b][u]Omni Bot[/u][/b] The OmniBot is at the end of the techtree and requires you to research all of the other robots first. The OmniBot can do the jobs of all the other robots. [/list] R++ also changes the Hauling and Cleaning [i]Misc. Robots[/i]. [b]Multiple Tiers of Robots and Research[/b] There are five tiers of robots: Tier 1 Simple robots have Amateur skills (4), Tier 2 Basic robots have Professional skills (8), Tier 3 Intermediate robots have Master skills (13), Tier 4 Advanced robots have System-Class Master skills (16), Tier 5 Anti-Logic robots have GodLike skills (20). Each tier has a faster movement speed and more fire resistance than the previous. Hauling and Cleaning type robots are much faster than any other robot in the same tier. Higher tiers also recharge at faster rates! [h1][b]Compatibility[/b][/h1] What The Hack - must be loaded before misc robots Androids [b18] ? More Scenario Parts [1.0] ? Advanced Animal Framework - causes builder bot constructions to be low-quality [h1][b]Incompatibility[/b][/h1] People running R++ and Clean Pathfinder together have reported "memory leaks". Unknown fault, probably ours; assume R++ is incompatible with it. [h1][b]Localization & Translation[/b][/h1] Community translations are included. If you would like to translate for R++ please use the [url=https://github.com/alaestor/Rimworld-MiscRobotsPlusPlus/tree/master/Languages/English/DefInjected]/Languages/English/[/url] folder as a template and make a pull request! [h1][b]Load Order[/b][/h1] (see the picture) R++ requires [i]Misc. Robots[/i]. Keep them close together and near the top. It's advised to only keep large collections of mods, like the Misc. Mods, close together near the top. Single-file mods and other mods should be loaded after them (not a rule set in stone, but it can fix a lot of headaches). Example Mod Load Order: [code][list] [*]Core [*]Misc Robots [*]Misc Robots++ [*](other mods) [/list][/code] [h1]Report bugs in the [url=https://github.com/alaestor/Rimworld-MiscRobotsPlusPlus/issues]Github Issues[/url][/h1] But before you do, please verify your load order is correct! [h1][b]Links[/b][/h1] [url=https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=26151.0]Official Forum Thread[/url] [url=https://github.com/alaestor/Rimworld-MiscRobotsPlusPlus]Official Github Project[/url] [url=https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/747645520/2646378342125259283/]Steam Bug Reports[/url] [url=https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/747645520/2646378342125207109/]Steam Suggestions[/url] Pre-github legacy versions are mirrored at files.fm and mega.nz. The appropriate links can be found in the download section of the official forum thread. Wish vash was included? [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=948130856]Well...[/url] too bad because it's outdated!