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Abandonned Child

One day, while you were still a child, in the tribe, people noticed that you had what they call "the devil's mark" on your skin. Terrified, they tried to kill you and started some kind of witch hunt, to find other people like you. You ran away as far as possible. You ran for days until you found a quieter place, with almost nothing on you. You have to survive in this hostile environment, and watch out for your former tribe's attacks which is tracking you. Votre faction sera une Nouvelle tribu. Commencer avec 1 personnage(s). Vos personnages n'auront pas plus de 19 ans. Personnages de départ a 100% chance de commencer avec le trait: Volonté de fer Personnages de départ a 100% chance de démarrer avec malnutrition. Incident créé: -Raid ennemi Commencer avec: -Argent x35 -Pemmican x50 -Herbes médicinales x5 -Arc court -Baies x10

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