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WW1 Scenario

Try to start in a forest of any kind with the bolt action Rifles and only accept friendlies, not prisoners of war Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 3 people. Your people will be between 19 and 24 years old. Incident created: -Friendly raid Incident(s) disabled: -Ship part crash (poison) -Ship part crash (psychic) -Infestation Start with: -Silver x800 -Packaged survival meal x44 -Medicine x30 -Component x30 -Steel Military Shovel x5 -M1911 x5 -M1 Garand x5 -Steel x450 -Wood x300 -Horse x1 -Labrador retriever x1 -Brown pelt duster x5 Map is scattered with: -Ship chunk x3 -Steel x720 -Packaged survival meal x7