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[B18]Chemical Weather

Ahoy! Expanding upon my previous Luciferium Rain Mod, I bring you [b]Chemical Weather[/b]! Shoutout to [i]Myuym & ManOfGod413[/i] for the idea! :) [b][u]UPDATED TO B18!!!![/u][/b] [b][i]AS OF SEPTEMBER 2017, CHECK THE LATEST UPDATE IF YOU DID NOT LIKE THE ORIGINAL FORMAT OF THIS MOD[/i][/b] [h1]Intro[/h1] A pirate spaceship passing by your particular rimworld, transporting chemicals used for making stronger and purer forms of the drugs (currently in the game) to the furthest reaches of the rim, was shot down by an unknown entity, causing a portion of those chemicals to fall to the planet, melting and mixing with the water in the atmosphere on entry. [h1]Features[/h1] - Adds a 3 new types of weather condition: chemical rain, chemical snow, and chemical fog! => When one (or a few!) of these weather conditions reach your colony, it has a chance of containing any one type of drug IN ITS PUREST FORM. Oh golly! - Any person or creature caught outside when chemical droplets reach the colony will be exposed to the chemical, as it seeps through both clothing and skin (for now), resulting in amplified drug effects. [h1]Compatibility[/h1] This mod, from the testing I have conducted, seems to enjoy other mods' company, and seems to fit in extremely well in existing saves! *However, I cannot speak to any mod that alters the vanilla drug effects of EXISTING drugs. *This mod does not implement added drugs. Just the vanilla ones for now. [b]FOR USE IN OTHER MODS/MODPACKS[/b]: Include my name in your credits and we're kewl.

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