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No factions with guns - continued

V1.0 Simply removes the Outalnder and Pirate factions, leaving only Tribals. Meant for use with Medieval times, but you can use it without it. Since it was discontinued by Uthered, figured I might as well upload it for anyone wanting it and for anyone wondering, Uthered is cool with this. *Is apparently compatible with A16, but I havent tested this myself.* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, either I am an idiot or since A18 is in develpoment it doesnt allow mods to be uploaded for it (hence why nothing else seems to be updated). So until I figure that out or a work around, I have made A18 versions and put them over on the nexus (link below). Installing is super simple, but if you have any troubles send me a message. https://rd.nexusmods.com/rimworld/mods/225?tab=description