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长征 ;The Long March of the Communist Party of China

红军长征的胜利,是中国革命转危为安的关键。长征的胜利表明,中国共产党及其领导的工农红军是一支不可战胜的强大队伍,长征中红军表现出的对革命的必胜信念和一往直前、不怕牺牲的英雄气概,成为激励共产党人和人民军队前进的巨大动力。 七律 长征 (毛泽东1935年10月作) 红军不怕远征难,万水千山只等闲。 五岭逶迤腾细浪,乌蒙磅礴走泥丸。 金沙水拍云崖暖,大渡桥横铁索寒。 更喜岷山千里雪,三军过后尽开颜 【下面的这段部分英文不是这段文字的翻译,只是给英语玩家了解的】 In October 1934, after the fifth anti-encirclement and suppression, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the main force of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), was forced to carry out the transfer and withdraw from the central base for the long march. Long March is a great miracle in the history of mankind, the Central Red Army carried out a total of more than 380 fighting, captured more than 700 counties, the Red Army killed more than 430 cadres above the camp, the average age of less than 30 years old, a total of hundreds of Kuomintang troops Group, during which a total of 14 provinces, over 18 mountains, across the 24 rivers, through the grassland, over the snow-capped mountains, travel about twenty thousand five thousand miles 玩家派系:新移民 开局人数:8 人物年龄范围:18至50。 玩家初始角色有100%几率获得特性:意志如钢。 属性「老化率」全局乘以1%。 属性「出售价格乘数」全局乘以650%。 属性「市场价值」全局乘以50%。 属性「休息效率」全局乘以1000%。 属性「移动速度」全局乘以888%。 属性「携带能力」全局乘以2000%。 属性「瞄准延时系数」全局乘以30%。 属性「进食速度」全局乘以600%。 属性「全局学习系数」全局乘以695%。 属性「招募囚犯成功率」全局乘以600%。 属性「耐久度上限」全局乘以350%。 属性「社交效果」全局乘以480%。 属性「外交礼物效果」全局乘以350%。 属性「全局工作速度」全局乘以580%。 属性「屠宰效率」全局乘以614%。 属性「工作量(制作)」全局乘以20%。 属性「建造速度」全局乘以360%。 属性「医疗治疗质量」全局乘以221%。 属性「医疗治疗速度」全局乘以310%。 属性「心灵敏感度」全局乘以20%。 Players factions: new immigrants Number of starts: 8 People age range: 18 to 50. The initial character of the player has a 100% probability of getting the feature: Will such as steel. The attribute "aging rate" is globally multiplied by 1%. The attribute "sell price multiplier" is multiplied by 650% globally. Attribute "market value" is multiplied by 50% globally. The attribute "rest efficiency" is multiplied by 1000% globally. The attribute "move speed" is globally multiplied by 888%. Attribute "carrying capacity" is multiplied by 2000% globally. The attribute "aiming delay factor" is globally multiplied by 30%. The attribute "feed rate" is multiplied by 600% globally. The attribute "global learning factor" is multiplied by 695% globally. Attribute "recruited prisoner success rate" globally multiplied by 600%. Attributes "Durability Limit" is globally multiplied by 350%. Attributes "social effects" are globally multiplied by 480%. Attributes "diplomatic gift effects" are multiplied by 350% globally. The attribute "global operating speed" is globally multiplied by 580%. Attribute "slaughter efficiency" is multiplied by 614% globally. The attribute "Workload (Production)" is globally multiplied by 20%. The attribute "build speed" is globally multiplied by 360%. Attribute "medical treatment quality" multiplied by 221% globally. Attribute "medical treatment speed" is multiplied by 310% globally. Attributes "Mind Sensitivity" is globally multiplied by 20%. 已创建以下随机事件: -流浪者加入 -远行队请求 -被追捕的逃生者 -贸易商队 已禁用以下随机事件: -短路 -瘟疫 -太阳耀斑 开局资源: -白银 x1934 -泵动霰弹枪 x2 -医药 x115 -零部件 x60 -幸存者步枪 x2 -布 x200 -狙击步枪 -野牦牛 x6 -钢铁 x760 -原木 x300 -干肉饼 x378 -望远镜 地图散落资源: -虫胶 x3 -钢铁 x720 -鸡蛋(已受精) x40 The following random events have been created:     - Rangers join     - Neighborhood request     - the survivors pursued     - Trader team The following random events have been disabled:     - short circuit     -plague     - sun flares Start Resources:     - Silver x1934     - Pumped shotgun x2     - medicine x115     - Parts x60     - survivor rifle x2     - cloth x200     - sniper rifle     - wild yak x6     - steel x760     - logs x300     - Dried meat pie x378     -telescope Map scattered resources:     - shellac x3     - steel x720     - Egg (already fertilized) x40

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