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The temple of Doktoha (Medieval scenario)

The war itself began centuries ago. When Marina ,Queen of the coasts with king Murkia in power created their first space rocket. Shaka the center of the leaves led by the emperor Hakani had noticed this and sent spies over every continent. When everybody noticed this. The four superpowers knew that nobody could be trusted. Thus they started creating nuclear weapons. Hakani still had spies going around and right before Hakani knew about the nuclear weapons, he was assinated which triggered a world war. The war lasted 450 years when the one and only god Doktoha came to the rescue. Doktoha Queen of the ocean, Creator of men spoke "I have watched in frustration for too long" I shall end this war forever". Right after she said this the world was sweeped by a powerful force. The world turned primitive, the people's minds were mangled and the world was different. All that was left were 4 tribes and the worshippers of Doktoha. And the 5 artifacts. The 4 Golden spears of the 4 tribes and the legendary golden knife of Doktoha. However the God of Doktoha has only cursed the 4 tribes. Not you thus only you know about the advanced technology. She orders you to become a Ruler Over the 4 tribes and that you with your superior technology must rule over the 4 tribes and keep the peace forever. Your faction will be a New Tribe. Start with 5 people. All characters have a 20% chance to start with trait: Ascetic Start with: -Gold x100 -Healroot medicine x100 -Muffalo wool x200 -Golden spear x4 -Jade small totem -Golden knife -Giant spider x1 -Apples x100 -Wood x50 Map is scattered with: -Steel x20 -Rice x1000

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