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[h1]Beta 18 version[/h1] -[url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1208468221][B18]-BetterCopyBuilding[/url] [Steam] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [h1]Description[/h1] This mod add a deep copy-building command to storage buildings such as a shelf.it can copy the storage settings and the building simultaneously from original. This Mod is compatible with Buildings of other Mods that have been created by inheriting from Storage_Building Class. for example, Rim Fridge - A17, More Furniture (A17), Storage Solutions, And more. (in Japanese) このModは保管機能のある家具に保管設定ごと建築物を複製するボタンを追加します。 このボタンはStorange_Buildingクラスを継承して作られた全て家具に付加されます。 例えばRim Fridge - A17、More Furniture (A17)、Storage Solutionsなどで追加される家具です その他に、保管設定の表示や品質バーが表示されない事があるバニラの不具合(恐らく)もこっそり修正しています [h1]Dependent libraries[/h1] -Harmony [h1]Changelog[/h1] [2017/31 July: v1.1.2] -has required a new game. different now. -add:Corresponded to multiple colonies. [2017/25 July: v1.1.1] -add:If copying may be impossible, copy-command become hidden. [2017/23 July: v1.1.0] -fix:Could not be installed continuously. -add:Copy became possible even if you save and load in the middle of building. [2017/22 July: v1.0.1] -fix: Failed to copy settings if overlapped blueprints like a cable are canceled -fix: There were risks of null referance. [2017/21 July: v1.0.0] Release バグ報告は歓迎します(welcome to the Bug Reports) and Please tell me if I have used incorrect grammar. I will try to correct it!!

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