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One Survives...

Condensation creeps up the steel of your pod as you breathe heavily in the dark. Ears strained, you make out screams of metal and panic as the raiders slaughter your research team. Moments stretch. A jolt shoves you against the door. Alarm takes over as the ejection countdown begins. Death would be preferably quick if you can make it out, raiders or not. Smashing against the door is futile though as the siren clangs and the pod explodes free from the space station. Screaming into the abyss, you feel gravity take a hold slowly. Speeding to certain death on the planet, you flash through moments of your life before being smashed into darkness. You wake to leaking fluid, the taste of blood and smoke stinging your eyes. You are alone. Now you must survive. Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 1 people. Player starting characters have a 100% chance to start with trait: Too smart Start with research: Drug production Start with research: Medicine production The stat "research speed factor" will be universally multiplied by 300%. Incident(s) disabled: -Short circuit Start with: -Steel slag chunk x23 -Medicine x5 Map is scattered with: -Steel slag chunk x100

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