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The Marine Corps Kit

1-2-3-4, UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS! [b]NOTE[/b] 1.2 VERSION: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2052724566 Outfits Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1092597983 Mod includes modern and traditional Marine Corps equipment featuring: - Edible Crayons - R Lee Ermey, air support radio voice - Marine Corps Battle Dress Uniform, Desert and Forest MARPAT camo variants which covers top to bottom - Smokey Bear for Drill Instructors - Low and High Threat Marine Corps armor vests - USMC Kabar fighting knife - Colonists that are deployed can now have their girlfriends stolen by Jodie - War cries- AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! Does not include: - Jelly Donut - Private Pyle - Chesty Puller - Mad Dog Mattis - P.T. Good for you, good for me - My grandmother was 71, she did P.T. just for fun - My grandmother was 72, she did P.T. like me and you - 25 push ups - 10 Mile run - Glue Credits to: Jesus Christ - Suffered for your sins so you can be saved Saintsgot - For reminding me to credit Jesus rooki1 - Crafting table coding Shinzy - Organization, brand new coding system. Valve - Original SAS CS:GO Models Andrew_Helenek - SAS Model Reference Tynan - everything coding base Jecrell - Old Coding Rah - Old Coding Mercer a.k.a. jaeger972 - Old Coding Mark VincentII - Weapon coding Immanuel - our saviour NoImageAvailable - Combat Extended artwork, coding TRP - Colonist Body Art base RT - Weapons inspiration R Lee Ermey - Airstrike and EMP Strike voice ThatOddGuy - Smoke grenade coding

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