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[CP] Prisoner Outfit (B18)

Latest update: Prisoner outfit now stays orange regardless of material! Special thanks to: mrofa and Jecrell Prisoners don't look opressed enough for you? Do you sometimes get confused because the prisoners and colonists dress alike? Say no more. B-18 update, head bag removed This mod introduces the outfit you need to possibly commit unethical practice that breaches human right laws and Geneva convention laws of war. This mod adds the following: - Prisoner jumpsuits, on-skin, covers torso and legs - Categories for prisoner outfits for quick enabling/disabling in stockpiles Not included: - Soap dropping - Andy Dufresne - Shawshank Prison - Gulag - Guantanamo Bay - George Bush - 9/11 inside jobtitle - Torture - Hillery Clinkton Credits to: Shinzy - Coding system. TRP - Colonist Body Art base Warner Bros - Deathstroke, plz don't sue me WB, I haf no mani, ripperooni kaptain-kavern - Coding Jesus Christ - saved by faith

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