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[DEAD] Yes, Vehicles

-----------------------------------------------Abandoned----------------------------------------------------------- Continued on Ludeon Forums by others: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=48126.0 [V: 2.5] --A true implementation of vehicles into RimWorld!-- REQUIRES JECSTOOLS TO WORK! First off, a big thank you to Jecrell, without him none of you would have this! This mod is a 'simple' implementation of a truck into our lovely rim world, you can load passengers, as well as equipment for both crossing the map and for caravanning. <Making the Vehicle> To acquire a vehicle you need to research Machining and Smithing to acquire the Vehicle Table. Here you can construct a box filled with vehicular pieces. To construct it, instruct a pawn to follow the included manual in the box. Upon following guides 1-Z on your ikea manual and throwing away the last 5 screws, your pawn will have succesfully assembled a working scrap heap! Upon assigning a driver, you must instruct the vehicle to draft itself for glorious duty *Just like any partially oiled machine, youll have to fill and power it with Chemfuel! (not included)* <Notes and Help> If your goal is caravanning, load the occupants into the vehicles first, create the caravan and then undraft the vehicles. Save Load Safe (but once you go vehicular, you cant turn back >:D ) No one else should show up on your door with any of this stuff (Honestly, untested...) You need both a gunner and a driver to shoot. Only the burst cannon fits on the APC Make sure the steam version and the in game version numbers match up (V:2.1 currently) Non-Steam link: https://github.com/mason3ck/Yes-Vehicles Bugs will be plenty in this mod, but hopefully none that'll break your game!

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