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Mechanoids Extraordinaire

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version: 1.3.3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: Ever thought having only 2 types of mechanoids was kinda... on the boring side? Ever wanted a purely melee-attacking mechanoid? Or maybe a mechanoid that would blow up your base and everyone you love with a freaking grenade launcher? If you have answered "yes" to at least one of those questions, this mod may or may not be for you! Features: - 5 new types of mechanoids that will be appearing in raids/poison + psychic ship parts/ancient dangers: - Vespa: a quick, frail mechanoid capable of using cover, - Goliath: melee-only, somewhat tanky mechanoid that explodes upon dying, - Hound: a mechanoid equipped with a set of power claws as well as a brand new grenade launcher, - Kraken: a huge mechanoid with high HP, that has a chance to be spawned with any of the weapons the mechanoids are using, - Chimera: a mechanoid that was put together from scraps of the other types, equipped with a built-in inferno cannon, as well as a scyther blade. - 1 new artificial body part, the mecha-tentacle, that can be obtained by deconstructing a kraken type mechanoid. Languages: English, Polish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Hungarian. Credits: NorX Aengell - French translation, Felguja - Brazilian Portuguese translation, Conasty - Hungarian translation Ludeon forums thread: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=35058.0 Changelog: 06.11.2022 - Update #8: - the mod is now compatible with Rimworld 1.4, - added a Hungarian translation (courtesy of Conasty!). 21.07.2021 - Update #7: - the mod is now compatible with Rimworld 1.3. 10.10.2020 - Update #6: - the mod is now compatible with Rimworld 1.2 (courtesy of CancelTherapy!). 26.03.2020 - Update #5: - added a Brazilian Portuguese translation (courtesy of Felguja!). 22.03.2020 - Update #4: - the mod is now compatible with Rimworld 1.1. 03.11.2018 - Update #3: - the mod is now compatible with Rimworld 1.0, - since it is no longer possible to harvest body parts from downed mechanoids (because they can't be downed without being killed), the mecha-tentacle is now obtained by deconstructing dead krakens. 19.12.2017 - Update #2: - the mod is now compatible with Rimworld Beta 18, - reduced the range of the grenade launcher. 20.08.2017 - Update #1: - the grenade launcher now does 2/3 of the damage it used to do, - mechanoids no longer bleed from their heads, - fixed problems with installing the mecha-tentacles on colonists, - added a French translation (courtesy of NorX Aengell!) --- If you like my mods and would like to support me, please consider buying me a coffee :] https://ko-fi.com/C0C56QWI

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