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[B18] EPOE: Rebalanced

[b]I'M NO LONGER OFFICIALLY MAINTAINING THIS MOD; THE CURRENT VERSION IS ACTUALLY AN UNOFFICIAL VERSION PROVIDED BY SOMEBODY ELSE.[/b] [url=https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=34572.0]Ludeon Forums Post[/url] - Includes Direct Download Link [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843029014][b]Like this mod? Check out the rest of my mods here![/b][/url] [b]Important:[/b] This mod is XML Patch-based, so this must be run alongside Ykara's [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=725956940]Expanded Prosthetics & Organ Engineering 2.0[/url]. Load after EPOE since this adds a couple of researches dependent on EPOE's researches. This will [b]NOT[/b] work with Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansion. [b]Have a Say![/b] Should spine installation have its own research? [b]Conclusion:[/b] Produce & Install (28/07/2017 16:27 GMT, 64% voted) Should mid-high tier part production require the Medicine skill or stay as Intellectual? [b]Conclusion:[/b] Both Intellectual & Medicine (28/07/2017 16:27 GMT, 58% voted). This is currently on hold because I'm unsure of how to balance it. Should the Intellectual requirements for artificial organs be lowered? [b]Conclusion:[/b] No (11/08/2017 @ 12:35 GMT, 83% voted) [h1][b]Overview[/b][/h1] This mod is an extensive rebalance of Expanded Prosthetics & Organ Engineering by Ykara. Granted, Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansion exists, but it personally didn't satisfy me so I decided to take my own approach to EPOE's balance. Whereas Rah took the approach of making most parts cost significantly more with limited diversity, I've chosen to diversify the requirements and shed light on items in vanilla that aren't very useful in the base game. Let's get into the changes: [b]Body Parts[/b] now mostly use the new part efficiency model as opposed to the old offsets. Many body parts no longer have the weird damage offsets, to be more consistent with vanilla. The power arms have also had the nerf hammer dropped on them hard; they're still good, but no longer ridiculous. [b]Intellectual Skill Requirements[/b] are in place alongside Crafting skill requirements for any parts above 'Basic' tier. Higher tier parts require a higher intellectual skill. Furthermore, the weird crafting skill requirements for basic tier dentures and wooden feet have been removed, since they felt out of place. [b]High-Tier Parts[/b] including power arms, bionic spines, and exoskeleton suits each require their own researches to be produced, and even install in some cases. This is to limit accessibility to those extremely good parts in the mid-game. [b]AI-Controlled Pawns[/b] such as raiders have had their tech hediff (prosthetic) budgets bumped to line up with the different market values; it's a little unfair that your colony gets to use those shiny advanced bionics, but high-ranking pirate raiders can't. In addition, elite mercenary raiders may also spawn with power claws, power arms, and advanced power arms, so they're going to be a more dangerous presence on the field too! [b]Glitterworld Parts[/b] have mostly received a significant buff. Auxillary AI implants now give stat bonuses equivalent to gaining 5 levels in their respective skills. Tactical cornea implants give stat bonuses equivalent to gaining 2.5 levels in shooting. [b]Market Values[/b] have been completely refactored. Parts have their market values determined by their ingredients and work amount in the same manner that all objects in RimWorld do, but then they're further multiplied depending on the item's tier, before being rounded. [b]Natural Body Parts[/b] have had their market values reduced to roughly vanilla values. If a natural organ gets installed on another human, that part will be rejected and thus need treatment. Additionally, mincing natural body parts now yields the proper amount of meat for them; base EPOE mincing recipes yield around 10x more meat than the part is worth on a human body. Last, but not least, uninstalled natural body parts can now spoil and thus need freezing. [b]Crafting Recipes[/b] have also been completely refactored. Material costs are now more proportional with the size and complexity of each part, and most parts above 'Basic' tier also require textiles (simple needs cloth, bionic needs synthread, etc.). Parts above basic tier also take longer to make, and you no longer 'upgrade' lower tier parts to get high tier parts; I envisioned them as having completely different architectures. [b]Workbenches[/b] are more component-intensive to build, and less resource-intensive - with the exception of the basic prosthetic bench, which just had its build cost nudged down. EPOE workbenches are also no longer instantly buildable, and their work to build is based around vanilla workbenches for more consistency with vanilla. The Basic Prosthetic workbench also now needs the 'Basic Prosthetics' research to be constructed; another oversight in base EPOE. [b]Miscellaneous Changes[/b] include the effective removal of the rather gimmicky golden eye, most surgical operations taking as long as they do in vanilla as opposed to significantly less, and removing surgery success chance variations in most medical operations for consistency with the 'surgery success chance' stat. Additionally, Brain Stimulators and AI Chips now work properly for brain-damaged pawns. [h1][b]Credits[/b][/h1] Ykara for their original work: Expanded Prosthetics & Organ Engineering. Somebody who wishes to remain anonymous for the B18 update. Marnador for the RimWorld-style font. [h1][b]Compatibility[/b][/h1] As previously mentioned, this mod is [i]dependent [/i]on EPOE, so you must have both this and EPOE active. Remember to load this after EPOE since it adds research that has EPOE researches as prerequisites. This mod [i]will not[/i] work with Rah's Bionics & Surgery Expansion since that doesn't have EPOE's glitterworld implants or energized components. If you're using Combat Extended, place this above Combat Extended in the load order. This edits Steel Arm's melee verbs, but CE then removes it. This can be added to existing savegames if you don't have any pawns with golden eyes present [h1][b]License[/b][/h1] You may include this mod in a mod pack, and you may make derivatives of this mod too.