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[DEPRECATED] Firepit + Torch Sconce and Woodworking patch - Vegetable Garden edition

[b]The Expanded/Extended Woodworking mods now support Firepit + Torch Sconce out of the box so this compatibility mod is not required it any more.[/b] I'm keeping it here in case anyone with older versions of the mods still needs it. A patch mod that allows firepits and torch sconces to be fueled by the Expanded/Extended Woodworking wood. This also includes Vegetable Garden wood types, but stained woods are not considered a fuel source (but you probably don't want to burn that anyways). The load order should be: [olist] [*]VGP Xtra Trees and Flowers [*]Expanded/Extended Woodworking and any VG patches they may need [*]Firepit + Torch Sconce [*]This patch. [/olist] [h1]Non-Steam download[/h1] [url=https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b4cow6nz9laks19/AABlRykNDeD6mjK_0K0n-PxZa?dl=0]Dropbox[/url] - Click [b]Download[/b] and then [b]Direct Download[/b] to get a .zip of the mod files.

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Логотип мода

Extended Woodworking

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