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You awake from cryptosleep to the sound of sirens and ripping metal. Cruiser E30-T3T or "TET" is breaking apart in the upper atmosphere around an unknown rimworld planet. TET's emergency awakening procedures have kicked in and the ship floods with crew scrambling to escape pods. You struggle to send out a distress call before heading to a pod yourself. TET's AI kicks in and a message flashes across your holopad: 98769134475476-1242342-11: E30-T3T "Duskblade" 1000100010:/: "Transmission Failed". . . Attempt2-000010" Failed". . . Attempt3-010001"Failed". . . ?/:Query-"Transfer Command". . . Attempt2-000100"Failed". . . Reroute;{missionobjective}-1. . . "Beyond_Transmission_Range". . . "Subspace_Telelink"{NotFound}. . . Rerouting. . . {missionobjective} . . . E30-T3T{missionobjective}"Hold_In_Place". . . 0199201-"Beacon_Not_Found". . . !00000000000000000000010:////[SYSTEM_FAILURE]. . . OAJsoG/.,?iiasdu"whywhywhy"+010ww8y7r687r8werq01001010joqwduhsd../.,.asd'w,./a.. Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 6 people. Your people will be between 21 and 35 years old. Arrive in drop pods. Player starting characters have a 80% chance to start with trait: Iron-willed Player starting characters have a 80% chance to start with trait: Hard worker Player starting characters have a 90% chance to start with cryptosleep sickness. Start with research: Gun turrets Start with research: Ground-penetrating scanner Incident created: -Resource pod crash -Ship chunk drop -Solar flare -Eclipse Start with: -Packaged survival meal x37 -Glitterworld medicine x55 -Component x52 -AI persona core -Plasteel military grade turret x2 -Steel x613 -Charge-10 MG -Charge rifle x2 -Combat Helmet x4 -Combat Armour x4 -Sniper rifle Map is scattered with: -Ship chunk x15 -Packaged survival meal x35 -Ship chunk x15