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[B18]Real Vanilla Gun Names

This Mod changes all traditional gun names to their real life counterparts. Also, the Mod enhances the ingame descriptions with more immersive fluff-text. The changed guns are: *NEW* Revolver -> Single Action Army Mod. 1873 Assault rifle -> M16A2 Bolt-action rifle -> Lee-Enfield Chain shotgun -> Saiga-12 Heavy SMG -> TEC-9 LMG -> DPM Machine pistol -> Uzi Auomatic Pistol -> M1911 Pump shotgun -> M870 Sniper rifle -> M700 Update 02.08.2019 -Fixed target Version for SteamWorkshop Update 06.11.2018 -Added reallife names to Ammunition so the battlelog is more immersive. Update 18.07.2018 -Reevaluated the LMG, now it is designated correctly as DPM instead of DP-28. -Also there was a typo, the Description of the Mod said DP-25, where it should obviously be DP-28. -Fixed the faulty description of the Pump Shotgun Update 18.11.2017 -Mod is now A18 Gameversion ready. -New firearm was added to the game and is identified as Colt Single Action Army .45 Cal Mod. 1873 Update 05.09.2017 -Now the Mod uses the newly introduced xpathing, which makes the file even smaller! -Also the Mod is now capable of being used together with other mods which change vanilla gun stats. Be sure to set this mod on the end of your loading list.

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