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The SAS Black Kit - Outfits only

Last Update: This mod is now compatible for non CE users too. Removed CE offsets, Armors are machining only now Original: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1086564011 Adds the legendary SAS Black Kit into the game along with other SAS outfits and weapons. This mod has been remade from the ground up from the original, special thanks to Shinzy, Apparelo mod author for super organized coding and categorizing. Mod includes: - Multiple headgear variations, gas masks that reduce toxic sensitivity! - Tactical vests that reduce aim delay and add accuracy - SAS flame retardant Coveralls that reduce heat damage - Categorized weapons and outfits for extra convenience! - Counter Strike: GO SAS outfit Stuff exclusive to the vanilla version: - fookin' laser sights - six inch blade that doesn't lose reception - vanilla friendly weapons and gear - CQB weapons such as the MP5, C8 Carbine rifle etc. - The L96A1 sniper rifle, also known as "AWP" in CS:GO Does not include: - Scottish accent - British accent - CSGO Lines - Explosions - John McaAleese Credits to: Jesus Christ - saving us from our sins Shinzy - Organization, brand new coding system. Valve - Original SAS CS:GO Models Andrew_Helenek - SAS Model Reference Tynan - everything coding base Jecrell - Old Coding Rah - Old Coding Mercer a.k.a. jaeger972 - Old Coding Mark VincentII - Weapon coding NoImageAvailable - Combat Extended artwork, coding TRP - Colonist Body Art base