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Vegan MRE

Note: The jokes and descriptions in this mod are intended only for sattire, I apologise to any vegans who actually feel insulted by this mod. Are you too busy fighting in the battlefield to worry about meat? Or... Are you Vegan? Say no more. Meal, Ready-to-Eat are field rations that need no refrigiration that can be used for combat situations because nobody has time to build a freezer in the battlefield. MREs have gone a long way from being nasty pile of slops on a plate, they have been developed into actually edible food after many years of scienctific breakthroughs of Military cooking. Mod features: - Adds Vegan MREs, which means the ingredients only need vegetables. - Gives every Vegan colonist a gold medal feeling for being a Vegan, +5 mood buff - Vegan MREs cook 5 packs at a time. - Needs more of the usual amount of vegetables. - Needs high cooking skill. Credits: Tammabanana - Original MRE Mod and coding, would not be possible without this person A Friend - (Teambanana's friend, not mine, I have no friends.) - Credited by Tammabanana for original MRE mod art Skullywag, Spoonshortage, and YOINKED from ProfugoBarbatus and 3DGrunge - Credited by Tammabanana for coding and mechanics for original MRE mod [FSM]Chefkoch - FSM Craftable Survival Package coding, would not be possible without this person either spoonshortage - GouRIMet Coding, cannot be a vegan without this person.