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Call of Cthulhu - Factions - Items Only

[h1]Adds apparel and weapons from the Call of Cthulhu mod series, without the factions.[/h1] While the lingering fear of Cthulhu is most unnerving, you have chosen to not include the fabled factions in your game. So instead, these are simply their equipment -- available to you to do with as you will. [h1]Contributors:[/h1] drynyn (Writer), SticksNTricks (Artist), Junkyard Joe (Writer), Nackblad (Artist), Erdelf (Coder) Want to contribute? Get in touch with us in the workshop or Ludeon forums or join our Discord. https://discord.gg/AaVFA7V Uses Assets From: Fashionrimsta (Overalls) [h1]::::: NOTICE ::::: ::::: THIS MOD NOW REQUIRES JECSTOOLS FOR A17 :::::: Download[/h1] http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=932008009 V1.17.10 [h1]Includes[/h1] :::::::::::::::::::::::::: [h1]Melee Weapons[/h1] :::::::::::::::::::::::::: Pole Hook Wood Axe Pitchfork Branding Iron :::::::::::::::::::::::::: [h1]Ranged Weapons[/h1] :::::::::::::::::::::::::: Webley Revolver Hand-held Harpoon Gun Flaregun Tommygun :::::::::::::::::::::::::: [h1]Apparel[/h1] :::::::::::::::::::::::::: Overalls Straw Hat Shirt and tie Top Hat Newsboy Cap Fedora Bowler Hat Trench Coat Rain Coat Slicker Hat Police Hat Police Uniform Infantry Helmet (World War I) Infantry Uniform (World War I) Nurse Cap Nurse Uniform MERF Light Helmet MERF Heavy Helmet MERF Body armor MERF Jacket ... [h1]Special thanks to all those that support me on Patreon:[/h1] ShotgunFace, Fredric Sundberg, Dan Winn, Toss Antilles, Sarah Banks, Undead Jackel, Michin, Chelsea, Caine Detueur, Yewty Oxman, Jerod Clayton, Arty Kubin, Ashleigh Miller, infinity421, TheDayDude, Jacob Duga, Ryan Brock, Evan Hwang, Moshat, Christopher, Don Butterblume, John Boehr, George Chong Chuang Ming, Oliver White, Helpful Bot, vincent de keijzer, roxxploxx, Legless, Christopher Abel, Karol Rybak, Mathias Broxvall, Mark, Tim Stillson, Lachlan Easton, Nemuri Hime, Sera, Christian Hermansen, NiNe Bottles of Rum, Populous25, Steven James, Marcus Siraenu, Michael Lauder, meatface. [h1]Psst... Still there fellow RimWorlder? Want to buy me a coffee? Perhaps more mods for RimWorld? Consider donating to my Patreon, here: https://www.patreon.com/jecrell[/h1]

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