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Giggles von Honkterton Faction B18

Ye olde cluwne mod. This mod introduces a faction of psychotic clowns, remnicent of the clowns on Space Station 13. Requires Nanotrasen armory B18 Implemented: - Clown bases and clown pawns. Partially implemented: - Clown weapons (slip PDA, slip bananas, sonic honk gun). Slip PDA not added in yet. Slip Bananas and Bikehorns don't have proper damage types yet but do work well for murderboning your colonists like true greytide. Planned: - Special clown 'mech'. Known issues: - Possible issue with clowns visiting base and being unable to leave (suspected HoS involvement). - Cluwnes being abducted and being turned into buttbots ( https://soundcloud.com/stephanosrex/honk-honk-butt )