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Prepare Landing

PrepareLanding is a mod that allows players to carefully choose their landing site before actually starting their colony. Choosing a landing site can be done by applying and using different set of filters, resulting in an unique combination of tiles, which are then highlighted on the world map. This mod is for RimWorld 1.4 Release (Biotech) (by default it also supports versions back to 1.0). The mod is available during the "Select Landing Site" page (after you have created the world, but before you have started your colony) and also once in-game when you click the "World" button on the bottom menu bar. [b]** The default shortcut to display the mod main interface is CTRL + P. **[/b] It doesn't modify the save file, so you can add it / remove it whenever you want! You might also download the latest release [url=https://github.com/neitsa/PrepareLanding/releases/latest]here on Github[/url]. Although the Mod is not very complicated to use, there's a [url=https://neitsa.github.io/games/rimworld/preparelanding/]manual here[/url]. I'd recommend at least to read the [url=https://neitsa.github.io/games/rimworld/preparelanding/filtering.html]filtering page[/url], just in case. Feature requests (especially for new filters, but you decide) and bug reports are welcome :) If you have a github account, you can post them (not just issues) [url=https://github.com/neitsa/PrepareLanding/issues]here[/url]. Code is hosted on github under the [url=https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT]MIT license[/url]. Which means you can do whatever you want with this mod and its source as long as it sticks with the license: - Mod pack: Yes - Derivative work: Yes