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Medic Robot (B18)

Adds a medic bot which can be crafted at machining table. "Base Robots" MUST be installed Costs 300 steel + 30 Components. Are you tired from your best doctor getting injured all the time! Well now you can let him wield a sword and be a legend then treat his wounds with this capable robot. The robot will help with putting out fires and cleaning if it has nothing better to do. --Note: There is no way of repairing it for now. But you can use machining table 'Disassemble Mechanoid' to get rid of the destroyed body. Base Robots provides a main "Robots" tab where you can see all active robots, rename them, and assign them to an area. Thanks to Arcane_Chill for the easy to follow tutorial and creating the base mod. *Robot textures are borrowed with little modification. Credits for original textures go to LordZarmack. Have fun.