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The Last Transmission-A Lovecraft Scenario

The Colony Initiative, or CI, was a well funded and highly risky venture by MegaFarm to get a new source of popcorn for its nanowave popcorn product 'PopThis!'. Sadly something rather peculiar occured. The status reports began to get odd. Paranoid even. The last transmission was very disturbing and after that the colony went dark. A small black cat is here. It seems unconcerned by the conditions. Your team of troubleshooters are assigned to fix things. Get a handle on the situation and start the CI again. Use any resource necesary. You may find the last transmission of interest: " ... n'gah.. --oth ftagn.. IA! Yog Sothoth! The Eye the EYE! *screams then gurgling, liquid laughter*" [Best use is with the Lovecraft mods and Prepare Carefully (to design your team of experts); ] Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 3 people. Incident(s) disabled: -Self-tame Start with: -Black cat x1 -Wood x400 -Steel x200 -Packaged survival meal x20 -Bolt-action rifle x2 -Granite blocks x200 Map is scattered with: -Human meat x30 -Stomach -Steel x200 -Component x40 -Human leather x5