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Animal Hide Walls(Outdated see description)

Though I doubt it will get buried in the comments I'm putting the link up top. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2117056140 velcroboy333 has made an update to the mod for all you lovely boys and girls. Sorry I never updated it myself but I've lost interest in the game completely. (Outdated mod, see above for a lovely user's updated version) Adds animal leather and cloth walls for your tent like needs! To be more specific this mod adds 2 new blocks. One is the animal hide wall. The other being the tent flap. These walls are built out of either leather or cloth. Any item that uses these categories will likely be able to be used. Walls take 1 unit of leather and have 75 hitpoints. Tent Flaps take 3 units of leather and also have 75 hitpoints. The walls can have floors built under them, and will trap air. (So you can heat and cool them.) If you wish to tweak the stats to the recipes, costs, HP, or anything else feel free to edit this mod and reupload it. If you do so all I ask is that you make note of what you've changed from the original mod.