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Riot Control Outfit

Summary: Add riot control outfit to rimworld, all manufacturable at machining table. ●Tactical helmet A tactical helmet with explosion-proof mask. Stuff: 80 Steel, 2 Component Effect (Normal quality): 20% blunt armor 60% sharp armor -0.08 c/s Move speed -20% psychic sensitivity ●Heavy body armor A heavy body armor. Protects against gunfire. Stuff: 180 Steel Effect (Normal quality): 25% blunt armor 75% sharp armor -0.08 c/s Move speed ●Ballistic shield Ancient pattern ballistic shield made of steel. Simple, but reliable. Stuff: 240 Steel, 2 Component Effect (Normal quality): 160% blunt armor 240% sharp armor -2 c/s move speed -50% work speed ●Baton A baton made of steel. Non-lethal, possibly. Stuff: 60 Steel Effect (Normal quality made with stell): 4 melee damage 1.15 s cooldown 4/8/2017 Update Add Boilersuit ●Boilersuit A loose fitting garment covering the whole body except for the head, hands and feet. The wearer will feel sultry. Stuff: 120 Cloth / Leather Effect (Normal quality made with Cloth): 6% blunt armor 6% sharp armor -8 C Cold insulation 6/8/2017 Update Retexture Thx for subscribe and have fun!