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Mercenary Squad

The five of you were prepped before landing but nothing could have prepared you for this. Your squad will be fighting for survival every minute against all odds. Additional supplies will be sent down to you at a regular interval but don't rely on them to sustain you. You will be facing a raid every day or more starting on day two. Personally I suggest the Prepare Carefully mod to allow you to design your mercs from the ground up but it's not required. Requires Mods: CE CE Guns Weapon Techs DISCLAIMER: I did not make these mods. All credit for them goes to the people who made them. Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 5 people. Arrive in drop pods. Start with research: Machining Start with research: Advanced firearms Start with research: Refining Incident created: -Enemy raid -Resource pod crash Start with: -Packaged survival meal x1000 -Medicine x75 -Component x30 -M16A4 x2 -AK-47 x2 -M60 -Steel x450 -Wood x300 -5.56x45mm NATO cartridge (FMJ) x3000 -7.62x39mm Soviet cartridge (FMJ) x3000 -7.62x51mm NATO cartridge (FMJ) x2000