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[1.5] Chemicals & Neutroamine R1

Enables the extraction of Neutroglycerin from Boomalopes and Boomrats that can be used to craft Neutroamine and ChemFuel. • Adds Item: Neutroglycerin • Adds Recipe: Neutroamine x1 and x4 (to Drug Lab) • Adds Recipe: ChemFuel from Neutroglycerin (to BioFuel Refinery) • Adds Feature: Chemical extraction (from tamed Boomalopes and Boomrats) The mod is compatible with existing vanilla saves (doesn't require a new game). See mods optional folder for additional features like the bulk recipe and explosive neutroglycerin. Note: This mod will overwrite the vanilla B18+ feature of milking Boomalopes for ChemFuel directly. [b]Details:[/b] Neutroamine is unlocked as a crafting recipe together with the Drug Lab (no additional research required). It takes 2 buckets of neutroglycerin to refine one bottle of neutroamine. Neutroglycerin is drained from Boomalopes and Boomrats, male or female, the same way you get milk or wool from other animals. It takes Boomalopes 4 days to produce 8 buckets of neutroglycerin and Boomrats 2 days to produce 1 bucket of neutroglycerin. Neutroglycerin can also be used to produce ChemFuel at the Refinery. It takes 6 buckets of neutroglycerin to make one batch of 35 ChemFuel. [h1]About:[/h1] The mod is not designed for large scale drug operations to prevent making trade of neutroamine entirely redundant. It might be possible to make profits on drugs this way, but will probably require large herds to get sufficient stock. For an average colony's internal medicine needs and modest drug abuse a smaller herd (relative to colony size) should be sufficient. Constructive arguments are welcome if you believe this balance is off in some way. Note that colonies above Rimworlds softcap (more than 20 pawns) is not considered average in this context and the balancing is expected to be off for such massive colonies. [b]Balance Design (Technical):[/b] Broadly speaking, across all the mods this mod is compatible with, the amount of Nitroglycerin that can be extracted from each 'boom' animal is generally based on the amount of ChemFuel you can milk from the original version, with some exceptions (e.g. Boomrats). For example the vanilla version of the Boomalope can be milked for 11 ChemFuel per day, while the Nitroglycerin you can extract from a Boomalope with this mod can on average be converted to 11.67 ChemFuel per day. ChemFuel rates are generally kept slightly higher than the original rate due to the extra conversion step; in addition the workload for the animal handlers are also kept lower. Intervals between Nitroglycerin extraction is roughly based on the animals metabolism, or in other words, how much nutrients is required relative to its bodysize. This is why a Boomrat (0.2:0.22 ≈ 1:1) will refill their chemical sacks twice as fast as a Boomalope (2:0.86 ≈ 1:½). Thus 4 Boomrats consume similar amount of nutrients and provide the same amount of Neutroglycerin as 1 Boomalope. [b]Language Support:[/b] This mod supports English. Other language support have been discontinued. [h1]Mod Support:[/h1] For immersion or similar reasons this mod provide additional content with the mods listed below; the fixes are applied automatically. I also generally try to make these backwards compatible, if possible. • Boomaphants by TheGoofyOne. Expansion: Neutroglycerin extraction (from tamed Boomaphants). Boomaphants provide 12 buckets of Neutroglycerin over 4 days. • Doomalopes by cucumpear. Expansion: Neutroglycerin extraction (from tamed Doomalopes and Boomalotters). Doomalopes provide 9 buckets of Neutroglycerin over 3 days. Boomalotters provide 2 buckets of Neutroglycerin over 4 days. • Elemental Boomalopes by Mehni, continued by Timmotus. This mod have native compatibility. Output for each variation is comparable to regular Boomalops and Boomrats. (Note: currently incompatible with 1.4) • Vanilla Animals Expanded — Australia by Oskar Potocki and Sarg Bjornson. Expansion: Neutroglycerin extraction (from tamed Boombats). Boombats provide 2 buckets of Neutroglycerin over 5 days. (Note: outdated, but seems to work with 1.4) Feel free to suggest other meaningful immersion fixes. But take note that I won't go beyond the scope of the core of this mod (i.e. adding different chemicals etc.), and the other mod. [b]Optional Content:[/b] Some versions of the mod have an optional folder. I recommend a manual install if you want to dabble with these. From V1.1 and up these optional features are available in this mod: • Clean Bucket: an alternative Neutroglycerin texture to the grimy bucket version • Volatile Neutroglycerin: if you prefer your neutroglycerin to be a fire hazzard Copy and paste the extra content you want from their respective folders into the Common folder (the files inside have the same folder structure as they would had if they were in the mod by default). Steam subscribers can find this folder at "\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\294100\765351437\". [h1]Mod Conflicts:[/h1] Let me know if you discover any conflicts so I may list them below: • No known conflicts Note: I can't help with conflicts due to outdated mods, use those at your own risk. [h1]Manual Install:[/h1] For an automatic installation ignore this and simply click the subscribe button. A manual install is recommended however for those wanting better control over when their game and mods is updated. Download links for current and legacy versions, as well as install/uninstall instructions can be found in the original release post: • [url=https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=26108.0]Ludeon forums[/url]