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Adventure of the Exiled Tribal Scientist

You were off experimenting in your cave one day and just happened to stick an iron bar wrapped in copper in a jar of lemon juice. You felt a surge of pain across your fingers. You had been zapped by the battery! You take this knowledge and show your tribe what you had created. It didn't go as you hoped. The elders accused you of witchcraft and sorcery and exiled you from the tribe. As you were stumbling along, exhausted from trying to survive on your own in the hot, harsh jungles, you happed to cross what seems to be the remnants of an older, undiscovered civilization. You view it as a miracle of the gods and you were destined to find this place. Even more proof of this is that a wild Thrumbo approaches you cautiously, and begins to follow your every command. . . . . This was made from a random seed and I felt like telling this tribal's story! Your faction will be a New Tribe. Start with 1 people. Your people will be between 31 and 120 years old. Start with research: Batteries The stat "plant harvest yield" will be universally multiplied by 172%. Can never build: -Small heater Start with: -Thrumbo x1 -Bionic jaw implant x3 -Chemfuel x1991 -Joywire -Fueled generator x12 -Cat meat x666 Map is scattered with: -Chicken egg (fert.) x199 -Yorkieskin x235 -Bionic eye -Husky meat x269