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Bite 'Em Where It Hurts!

[b]Makes [i](Most)[/i] animals bite [i](A lot more often)[/i] instead of angrily scratching their targets.[/b] [b]Currently Affected:[/b] [i]-Squirrels (Their paws now deal bruising damage.)[/i] [i]-Iguanas (Their claws now deal bruising damage.)[/i] [i]-All Wolf Types (Arctic, and Timber.)[/i] [i]-All Fox Types (Fennec, Arctic, and Red.)[/i] [i]-All big cat types (Cougars, and Panthers.) (Will prefer to scratch over biting.)[/i] [i]-Wargs (Scratches slightly more often than most other animals.)[/i] [i]-Cats (Behaves similar to big cats.)[/i] [i]-Lynxes (Behaves similar to big cats.)[/i] [i]-Yorkies[/i] [i]-Huskies[/i] [i]-Labs[/i] [b]Other Things:[/b] [i]-Huskies and Labs are now considered predators, meaning that they will hunt animals that are smaller than them when hungry, things such as Squirrels and Hares.[/i] [i]-Huskies and Labs can now do surprise attacks, meaning that if they first strike a non agressive animal, it will do extra damage and be stunned.[/i] [i]-All animals still have the ability to scratch, but most will prefer to bite over scratching. Though the occasional scratch will get through, but they have reduced damage and a faster cooldown timer.[/i] [b]100% Compatible with A Dog Said![/b] [b]Will be adding in a lot more animals to the biting list, if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.[/b] [b]Drop box link:[/b] [i][url=https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ivbdxpsr06u5fv6/AACTKHbQy50oafKwzNFTq9MUa?dl=1]here[/url][/i].