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Wait, That IS A Moon!

[b]ATTENTION: UPDATED TO B18! CHECK IT OUT [u][url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1207670831]HERE![/url][/u] :) [h1][b]That's no space station, that's a moon![/b][/h1] So many eclipses, yet such clear skies. Yeah, that makes NO sense. So I've decided to fill in the space around our forcefully adopted homeworlds! Introducing the [b]ThatsAMoon[/b] Mod! [h1]Features[/h1] - Adds (for now) three moons and an asteroid orbiting high over the planet, each with different characteristics and textures. => Gas Dwarf (Dunno if that's a real thing but it is in this game :P), a gasseous moon, devoid of a solid surface and home to an extremely dense atmosphere. => Destroyed Moon, a moon that was bombarded by asteroids early in the rimworld's development. Eventually, its orbit was altered so signifcantly that the moon was ripped apart by tidal forces. => Small Moon(first one added), a moon sharing a surprisingly large number of characteristics with our moon, just on a signifcantly smaller scale. [h1]Future Features[/h1] - More interesting looking moons and asteroids. Our rocks will blot out the sun! - Varied moon sizes and more detailed descriptions - Moons more spread out around the planet (currently they tend to clump together if two moons spawn) [h1]Known issues[/h1] - There's a bug that causes the moon to disappear when the camera moves far enough away from it (not zooming, I mean when you pan across the world). I'm currently workin on a solution for that :) - [b][i]THIS MOD REQUIRES A NEW SAVE TO SEE THE MOON[/i][/b] [h1]Credits/Terms & Conditions[/h1] A big thanks to dubwise56, the creator of the [url=https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=25926.0]Marsx Mod[/url], for giving me the go ahead to use some of his code! [b]All of the terms and conditions stated in the above link apply to this mod as well![/b] If using this mod in a modpack/derivative work, please include my name and a link to this page. Thankya kindly :D