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Mixed Vegetables

Allows for the mixing of vegetables for your's cook and storage needs Only have 2 of some vegetable left on your frige? Have 98 of other vegetable? Want the that space to store rat meat? Say no more! With Mixed Vegetables you can mix all of that suff. I recommend that you use this mod with Mince that meat, because they have similar functionalities. No incompatibilities that I'm aware, and boy, I use +100 mods. Save compatible, mix vegetables in your 30 year old colony! Bugs: Wen you are mixing vegetables and in your worktab is allowed for your colonists to use mixed vegetables to make mixed vegetables they will continue to work forever.(However, this bug can be useful if you don't have enough vegetables to make mixed vegetables.) If you find any errors, please add me. If you like the mod, rate it! Ludeon post link: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=35175.msg360144#msg360144