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The Great Nuclear War

After the great nuclear war started, there was a mass evac to send people to a new planet. A new hope. But some weren't as lucky. Like the group of people you are now controlling. struggling to survive, you set up camp at a ruined city to start a new civilization. Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 8 people. All characters have a 85% chance to start with toxic buildup. Permanent game condition(s): -Toxic fallout: A plume of toxic dust from some distant source is slowly settling over this entire region of the planet. Anyone not under a roof will be slowly poisoned. -Volcanic winter: The atmosphere is choked with volcanic particles, significantly reducing the amount of light which reaches the surface. Temperatures will be colder and plants will grow slower. Start with: -Steel simple helmet x4 -Pistol x3 -Wooden spear x2 -Armor vest x3 Map is scattered with: -Steel shiv x4 -Pistol x2 -Assault rifle -Bolt-action rifle -Sandbags x25 -Kibble x250 -Steel x573 -Wood x428