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A pack of guns and stuff

I'm not creative on titles, so this is what you got. This pack adds a bunch of guns, and it makes mechanoids spookier, but it also adds a lot of futuristic weapons, because Rimworld takes place in 5500, and we only have 6 futuristic guns. --Guns-- -Short Charger- A quick firing Charge shotgun, deadly at close ranges, decent at medium to far ranges. -Charge LMG- A varient of the normal LMG, quickly firing a barrage of medium damage charge rounds, decent at all ranges. -Charge Gatling- An insane monster of a minigun combined with a charge rifle, firing out fourty low damage decently accurate charge rounds, though beware it's long reload times. Shows up incredibly rarely on Mechanoid Centipedes. -AVB- An ice assault rifle, deadly at all ranges, inflicts frostbite damage. Shows up often on Mechanoid Scythers. Only useable by them. -MPCV- The Infero Cannon. But it fires really fast, and does next to no damage at all, along with even more extreme inaccuracy. Shows up rarely on Mechanoid Scythers. Only useable by them. -Pyre Cannon- A single use rocket launcher, similar to the Doomsday Rocket Launcher, though it fires three rounds instead of one, deals much less damage, and starts a lot of fire. -Pyre Launcher- It's an Inferno Launcher. But it fires nine shots. Takes ten years to reload. And has a much larger blast radius. Deals next to no damage. -Scout Rifle- A middle ground between the Bolt Action Rifle and the Sniper Rifle. Long range, decent damage, all around good gun. (!!Due for graphical and statistical redesign!!) -Rapid Pumpgun- A rapid fire shotgun, short range, though incredibly deadly. -]Pump Sluggun- A standard pump action shotgun that has been modified for increased range, fires slugs rather than shells, medium range. Accuracy drops as range does. (!!Due for statistical redisgn!!) -Tick Charge Launcher- Rapid fire grenade launcher, grenades take a little while to detonate, and deal less damage than standard grenades. Rarely shows up on Mechanoid Centipedes. (!!Not done at all, missing graphics, and has multiple statistical issues. May be removed in this current version!!) -Ceweris- A submachine gun made on the urbworlds for civillian self defense, the safety of it didn't last long when criminals got a hold of them. -Slintag- A submachine gun converted into an assault rifle, this is a favorite upon midworld gansters. -Scopeless Sniper Rifle- A sniper without a scope on it, for lovers of iron sights. -Ice Shotgun- An energy shotgun that shoots out ice instead of energy projectiles, scientists still can't figure out how it can affect organs without harming the outside of the body. -Fire Shotgun- The brother of the ice shotgun, this shotgun shoots out plasma towards the target to burn their body. (working on starting fires)