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[1.3] Chemfuel From Hay

[b][u]I AM TAKING A BREAK FROM RIMWORLD MODDING AND ANYONE WHO WISHES TO UPDATE THIS MOD FURTHER (past 1.3) IS FREE TO DO SO! GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY![/u][/b] Re-enables the recipe for making chemfuel from hay. Although it was taken out for obvious anti-exploity reasons, some of us are down with border-not-so-border-line cheating. So, here ya go :D If you use/edit my mod and redistribute, please include my name. Thankya. [b]This mod is a result of [url=https://www.reddit.com/r/RimWorld/comments/6fz774/mod_that_allows_you_to_use_haygrass_in_refineries/dimacg7/]Mehni's haygrass tutorial[/url], just made for other ppl to use. Credit goes out to him.[/b]