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RimMagic (1.0-1.5) -- now with Ascendant Vampires, Resurrection and Healing!

My thoughts on balance: My design philosohpy is that balance is your job. I've designed vampires and magic to give you options--it's up to you to provide your own difficulty by holding yourself to special game rules (only vampires, or only 1 vampire/vampire family), taking more risks (like an aformentioned roaming vampire gang of 6--not easy) or not using fortifications, or starting out as a tribe, or not letting vampires used ranged weapons, etc. RimWorld is a game about storytelling, and having super-human characters lets you have "heroes" and villains (set the scenario editor to give villains a 5% chance of being vampires). I'd like to make vampires more balanced, but they will *always* be "overpowered" if you try to play the game "straight" or powergame. Vanilla RimWorld is about colonies, my idea of RimWorld is about individual colonists. Adds 8 staffs, 5 potions, and vampirism! Craftable from a new Magic Worktable (fairly cheap, no research needed). WARNING: The Rim frowns heavily upon magic use. The more magical items you have, the more your enemies will want to come after you (they're not-tradeable but have very high value). =====Potions===== NOTE: All potions work on animals (except for Vampirism) Cursed Blood: Vampires need this to survive, and it's extremely addictive--like luciferium. Animals and humans can take it as well, and enjoy limited superhuman abilities and greatly enhanced healing. Made by draining HUMAN corpses at a worktable. This is a fairly involved process, and will ruin the meat and leather--but you'll get 5 bottles. Vampires will NOT drink blood by default, as it's considered a serious drug. Healing Potion: Functionally equivalent to healer mech serum. Requires cursed blood and healroots. Resurrection Potion: Functionally equivalent to a resurrection serum, but also works on skeletons! You can expect brain damage if you try it, though. Vampirism Infection Potion: Turns your character into a RimWorld vampire. See below for details. Ascendant Vampirism Infection Potion: Turns your character into an ascendant vampire; see relevant section. =====Potions===== =====Vampires===== Vampires require cursed blood, which is made by draining HUMAN corpses at a worktable. This is a fairly involved process, and will ruin the meat and leather--but you'll get 5 bottles. Vampires will NOT drink blood by default, as it's considered a serious drug. Vampires have massively boosted stats and rapid regeneration. Vampires are also natural experts of combat as well as interacting with animals and people. They're basically better at everything. Vampires don't burn during the daytime, but they face serious debuffs--even through roofs or during an eclipse. You'll want them to be sleeping. You can figure everything else out on your own--it will be fun! For more details, you can check the comments for my informal changelogs. Vampires are basically immune to the cold, but sensitive to heat and espescially fire. =====Vampires===== =====Ascendant Vampires===== Ascendant vampires don't have any of the weaknesses that regular vampires have. In fact, they have a natural resistance to heat and fire. They're just as powerful during the day as during the night. They don't need rest, at all. They also have higher stats in a few different areas compared to regular vampires. Vampires are made with *some* pretense of balance in mind. Ascendant vampires are not, at all. They can still be killed by explosions, crushed by roofs, etc--any form of total destruction. Anything less will just be an annoyance. =====Ascendant Vampires===== =====Staffs===== Cursed Fire Staff: Shoots a stream of fire--similar to an incendiary launcher, except the AOE isn't as large. Cursed Storm Staff: Shoots a stream of magical ice bolts. Less-lethal, and freezes victims. Great for capturing prisoners. Cursed Earth Staff: Shoots an AOE blast which does damage and spawns granite chunks. These are great for creating improvised barricades, or for supplying colonists with stone. Cursed Death Staff: This is the staff you use if you're not taking any prisoners. Vampires are immune, and mechs have high resistance. Doesn't have much stopping power, but causes extreme bloodloss. People and animals hit with this staff WILL die. Abounding Fire Staff: Like its cursed sister, but is more powerful, and shoots explosive fireballs with a powerful AOE effect. Abounding Storm Staff: This is THE best less-lethal option--even compared to other mods which give electric weapons. Shoots a large AOE lightning storm which causes harmless (but excruciating) magical damage. Abounding Earth Staff: This is your siege weapon. If you need to smash open a wall, this is what you use. Abounding Death Staff: A more powerful version of the cursed death staff with a higher rate of fire and powerful AOE. =====Staffs===== Recommended mods: Death rattle (Gives vampires more time to regenerate from fatal injuries. Still won't save them from decapitation, but a shotgun blast to the heart won't be fatal if you're lucky) Known Issues: - Healing potions don't work with mod races (such as Orassans). This can be easily fixed, but requires me to make a patch for each mod race. So, if there's a race you want supported, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do. - Vampires have large boosts to trade price, and because of a bug with vanilla Rimworld, this means that it's possible for your sell price to overflow so that everything you have sells for $0.50. A workaround is to simply use other colonists for selling goods, and use your vampires for buying goods. Compatibility: Will run fine alongside RimOfMadness vampires--but make hybrids at your own risk. It might work, but it's untested. Can be added to existing saves without issue. Compatibility: Androids from the android mod can become vampires (but not droids) Orassans can become vampires Player Suggestions: -Vampire factions -Enchanted armor/ring that gives daylight protection -Ice torches -Magic swords -Magic familiars -Summoning -Positive AOE staffs -Magic skill Third Party Addons: Vampire Nerf, by Anubis: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=775650249&tscn=1502475195 This fixes a bug caused by having Vampires be *too* good at selling things (causing negative buying values, which means the vampires can't buy anything). It also nerfs many other values to make vampires more balanced in general (read the comments section for more details) I highly recommend it!