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Beautiful Coloured Lights

Core game changes: - A rather simple mod that adds a small amount of beauty to coloured lights to actually give a reason to the player to research them(apart from the aesthetic value). The amount of beauty is 10, a fifth of the base beauty of a small sculpture. Should be a better option for beauty than sculptures early game or generally if your pawns are extremely low on the art skill. Mod compabilities: - Especially built to add beauty to the additional coloured lights from More Furniture as well. Test and see if it works for other mods that add more lights. Will add additional patches for other mods if requested and if possible. Potential future changes: - Adjust values. - Add quality to lamps and allow them to be built from other resources. - Do something with the normal light. - Cause coloured lights to provide various buffs to various stuff. - Make red light increase lovin' chance. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Credits: Drunk Mehni for clarification Marnador for the font Sir Satan for steam publishing License: You are allowed to do whatever you want with this mod's contents. Giving credit would be appreciated. Direct download link: [url=https://github.com/ChipGeroki/BeautifulColouredLights]Github[/url]