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RimNature! [v1.0]

*This is my first mod and I don't know English well so please, be tolerant to my mistakes :)* [v1.0] - New wild plants in tropical, temperate, arid and boreal biomes; - 4 new, common trees; - 2 new special trees with new type of wood; * "Flexi Wood" is a rare wood that can be gathered from Curvy Trees. * "Dimen Wood" is a very epic, tough wood that can be gathered from Dimension Trees. - 10 new flowers (cultivated and wild); - 3 special flowers that has a very high beauty level; "TO DO" List -Soon- * Green, wild plants for decorative (like ferns or bushes), because forests are too... empty. * More wild fruits (blueberry, gooseberry, blackberry etc.) * Special plants like nettle, camomile, thorn that have a special effects -Future- * Small birds, bugs and more animals * Maybe new biomes? :) * New ores and gems -Maybe- * Improved textures * Translations Incompatible: - Vegetable Garden (I don't know how to fix it, sorry :( ) I'm open to interesting suggestions and ideas from you :) Please, leave comment and share your opinion!