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A Better Wholesome Mod 1.0

(By using Xpathing) Removes the following unwholesome/suggestive traits: - Nudist - Gay - Psychopath - Cannibal - DislikesMen - DislikesWomen - DrugDesire ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I took "Wholesome Mod" and used Xpathing to achieve the same function. "Wholesome Mod" uses the old method of overwriting data to create a mod and it also contained a bunch of extra information that isn't needed at all. All in all, I took "Wholesome Mod", trimmed away about 98% of the coding, and I present you all with: "A Better Wholesome Mod". ----- After activating, the game may produce a yellow warning error if you have dev mode on. The error is harmless and is put there as a hard coded message that tells the player they have traits with the value of 0. Simply ignore it. ------ This is compatible with other trait mods. I use it with compilation trait mods and more trait slot mods without any problem. Save Game Compatible. Will only effect new pawns that spawn not current pawns. Does not remove the traits from the game; it only causes their likelihood of occurring to 0. ---- If you adamantly want to create your own cannibal homosexual misandrists/misogynists, then just use "Prepare Carefully" or turn dev mode on and add the trait you want to your pawns. This way you can make your own Fascist Perfect Pawn Cabal as you see fit.