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[h1]Beta 18 version[/h1] -[url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1206943745][B18]-LinkableDoors[/url] [Steam] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [h1]Description[/h1] A mod which combines the graphics of adjacent doors. [strike]It only changes visual appearance. The function of the door does not change at all.[/strike] [v1.3.0 or later] In order to synchronize the opening and closing of the door, I slightly modified the function of the door. [h1]Will this work in an existing save?[/h1] no problem. but in order to reflect graphics it is necessary to rebuild the door. [h1]Source[/h1] -[url=https://github.com/Steardliy/rim-A17-LinkableDoors]rim-A17-LinkableDoors v1.1.2[/url] -[url=https://github.com/Steardliy/rim-A17-LinkableDoors/tree/alpha]rim-A17-LinkableDoors v1.3.0 or later[/url] [h1]Changelog[/h1] [2017/Nov 21 v1.3.6] -Fixed: Fine adjustment of drawing position. [2017/Oct 16 v1.3.5] -Fixed: Colonists had gotten hung up in front of the door. [2017/Sep 21 v1.3.4] -Changed: Improved performance. -Fixed: There was a slight shift in drawing position. バグ報告を歓迎します(welcome to the Bug Reports) and Please tell me if I have used incorrect grammar. I will try to correct it!!