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New Joy Source: Play Music B18

ID: 1122076317 Finally, music for the soul! This mod adds three music joys to the game while training social or artistic. 1 -Humming is done in a private room. Even by a patient in his own bed. 2- Playing the piano while sitting next to the instrument. 3- Singing tunes on the karaoke machine. There are small XP gain in Artistic for humming and playing the piano while karaoke trains social. The xp gains are in line with similar items in the vanilla version (ex horseshoe, billiard). Also, the karaoke machine is attached to the "Tube Television" tech. Karaoke machine is unsuitable for an hospital. The joy is of meditative (humming), social (piano) and passive (karaoke) types. I did not create a custom joy source as I felt it could create compatibility issues and was not needed. In my mind this a very balanced addition to the game. This mod will make your recreation room more cozy and the "Tube Television" tech more desireable to unlock. For more info, check the readme.txt in this mods folder. Thanks for the help on translations to hatecr3w, prankstrisse and Judith S. Also to all the folks who commented and contributed in other forms! Very much appreciated! Cheers :)