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The Gift of Life - Hardcore SK Mod Pack Required

One day you decide to leave the city and take up farming and start your own village and trade centre so that you are not resticted by harsh taxes and laws. Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 5 people. Incident created: -Orbital bombardment -Trader caravan arrival -Enemy raid -Ship chunk drop -Wanderer join -Razor rain Permanent game condition(s): -Climate cycle: A multi-year climate cycle due to an elliptical orbit. Start with: -Random pet x2 -Titanium Medieval Shield x5 -Titanium Longsword x5 -Medicine x50 -Packaged Survival Meal x100 -Potato seeds x25 -Healroot seeds x25 Map is scattered with: -Marble cairn x50 You will also need the following mod as well [RF] Wild Cultivation [a17]