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Buildable Terrain A17 v2

this is built on buildable as floors Original mod by FrozenSnowFox. V1.1 you can now build any terrain tile over any other terrain tile work amounts have been changed to give it abit of balance important note if you switch from the other version of this mod to this one and try to load a saved game it can crash the game and it will at least mess up any built tiles last update as people requested natural smooth stone floors (now working but you cant turn this mod off anymore) we now have an update for ocean tiles can be built over like any other future plans add lava (all lairs under mountains should have lava) at some point i think it should be needed to mine soil/sand/water to add abit more to terroforming also plan to make each terrain need different amounts of work based on what its built over offline version please do respeact ownership https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwSVA7eQ19oCN0YxZ0czVEQzU2s