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The Thunder Tribe

Once, you were strong. Your harvests were bountiful, your women ever fertile, your warriors unbeatable. Your tribe was the greatest of all, blessed by sacred relics passed down through countless generations. Most powerful of all your relics was the mighty Thunder Stick, and with its magic you conquered. But even the mightiest tribe must bow to the will of the gods. With every conquest your people grew haughty, ever more disrespectful of the gods. One day you were punished. Your harvests failed and your paople were ravaged by plague. The tribes you had conquered rose against you and soon your tribe was nothing. Now you are five, forced to flee your home and seek new lands to settle. You carry with you your only treasure: the Thunder Stick. Perhaps with its power you may once again grow strong and conquer, as your forefathers did. Your faction will be a New Tribe. Start with 5 people. Player starting characters have a 50% chance to start with malnutrition. Player starting characters have a 100% chance to have their food set between 0% and 10%. Start with: -Silver x200 -Pemmican x300 -Healroot medicine x20 -Jade club x2 -Short bow x2 -Bolt-action rifle -Alpaca x3 -Wood x500