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Toolmetrics: Work Tools for Pawns

~= Work Tools for Pawns =~ v1.1 for Alpha 17 This mod adds 41 weapon-slot hand tools aimed at non-combat usage for pawns to equip. Goals: ✔ Offer meaningful choices to the equipment system by giving pawns desirable non-combat options that compete for space and resources with combat options ✔ Provide more meaning to certain pre-existing mechanics, such as equipment racks, smithing, crafting spots and component tables. ✔ Allow for deeper end games with fewer pawns by increasing the ability of specialists pawns with sufficient resources as support. ✔ Makes establishing multiple colonies easier and more viable. Implementation: * New weapons category, "Tools", that are equippable by pawns. * 41 new tools, each of which provides benefits to a specific type of role within the colony, such as tailoring or plant cutting. * Tools are balanced as melee weapons. * Tools are tiered by technologies, and available to craft from smithing, tailoring, crafting spots, component benches, or machining tables. * Raiders will occasionally spawn with tools, especially in low value raids or disorganized raiding parties. The majority of raiders will keep proper weapons. * Tools are largely makeable from any available stuff, as opposed to specific recipes.